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How it works

1 - Media Files


  • Send us your video media files. If you have a favorite picture or action shot send that too.
  • Provide the information you want on the intro card or video description. 

2 - Your Vision


  • Let us know if you want any specific plays or events you wish to highlight. 
  • Not sure what to highlight? No worries, we can take care of it for you.

3 - We work our magic


  • Our video editor is the same software used to make movies. 
  • We use professional video recording equipment too!

4 - Outcome


Most packages include

  • 1 highlight video usually around 2-4 minutes in length
  • 1-2 <1 minute highlights for social media

Share the big news


  • Don't keep it to yourself, share it!
  • All finished files will be available for you to download to be used by you however you wish.

Refer a friend


  • We provide BIG discounts for referrals who later use our service and purchase a highlight or other services. 
  • Who knows your next highlight video could be FREE!